Starwood Sports Pull Up Assist Resistance Band for CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Mobility Training (Single Band) for Legs – Arms – Back - Shoulders – for Men and Women (Purple 35-85 lbs)

Brand: Starwood Sports

Color: Purple 35 - 85 lbs


  • Purple Band - You are currently viewing the purple band, providing a resistance of 35 - 85 lbs, with a circumference of approximately 208 cm, a width of 3.2 cm and a thickness of 4.5 mm. Each of our pull up resistance bands are approximately 41 inches long
  • Build Strength, Improve Mobility and Avoid Injury - Resistance bands can be a great way to build strength and improve mobility, which may prevent injuries or assist greatly in injury rehabilitation
  • Choose the Best Pull up Band for you: Select your preferred assisted pull up band. The thicker the band, the more pull up assistance will be provided. Use the chart in the second image from the top to help select the best pull up band for you depending on your body weight and the number of unassisted pull ups you can currently perform
  • Versatile - Ideal for CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, stretching and physical therapy. Whilst individual needs do vary, many people use the red or black bands for exercises such as shoulder pull aparts, whereas for assisted pull ups or muscle ups any band from the light to the extra heavy band could be suitable, depending on your goals and fitness level. With our range of 6 power bands we've got you covered!

Legal Disclaimer: Please consult your Doctor before beginning any exercise program. Inspect each band before every use and do not use if you find any sign of damage. Do not stretch a band more than twice it's length. For younger users, Adult supervision is required during use. Starwood Sports cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by the use of this product.

Publisher: Starwood Sports


Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Prevent Injury

Some of the many benefits of using resistance bands can include building strength, increasing muscle tone, helping with weight loss and improving mobility. Use resistance bands in the gym or at home to help remain free from injuries as you work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Premium Quality exercise bands made from natural latex, durable and built to last - able to withstand regular demanding workouts for a lifetime.

Versatile - Ideal for CrossFit, Powerlifting and general fitness training.

Choose Your Band - One band is included per purchase so be sure to choose the strength that suits you.

Red (15-35 lbs)

Black (25-65 lbs)

Purple (35-85 lbs)

Green (50-125 lbs)

Blue (65-175 lbs)

Orange (85-230 lbs)

UPC: 646437842433

EAN: 0646437842433

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